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Hey! Hi! I'm Lindsay and I'm so glad you are here.

My journey started way before I purchased my Young Living Premium Starter Kit in April 2014, so let's start at the beginning. Settle in. I'm about to get personal.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we got married young. I always knew I wanted to be 2 things - a teacher and a mama. We went off to college together and tried right away to get pregnant. I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS and told by my doctor that I'd never have biological children. 

Aaron and I first became parents through adoption, while we were working through my infertility diagnosis. But, by the time I graduated with my teaching degree, I was pregnant with my oldest son. 

Infertility taught me more about myself and my environment. I started to clean up what I was eating and clean out what I had brought into our house - tossing candles and perfumes, wax warmers, fabric softener, and fabric sheets. I noticed that my migraines had stopped and my ears/sinuses had cleared up. 

My due date was quickly approaching and the ultrasound tech served up an eviction notice because baby was over 9 pounds. I tried every trick and old wives tale, trying to induce labor on my own. You see, I was present at my daughter's birth and I saw the side effects of inducing labor, having an epidural, and how one intervention snowballed into the next... I swore if I ever were to birth my own baby, I would have a natural delivery. 


Good ol' Google research lead me to essential oils. Supposedly, clary sage can stimulate contractions. (I'm not a doctor, nor am I prescribing anything.) I went to the local health food store, and literally soaked myself in a bathtub of clary sage oil. (I don't recommend that, btw!) My baby boy eventually came when he was ready. I did have a natural delivery without drugs and he was indeed over 9 pounds! In fact, he was a healthy 10 pounds 3 ounces.

Fast forward a bit and my middle two children (I have four total and hope to someday become a foster mama to more babies) were constantly sick with ear infections and strep throat. I was teaching at the time and the kids were between school and childcare. We could spend a whole week at the doctors office between all of us. It was miserable. I was missing work. I knew something needed to change.

An online friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and with my background in education, I did my homework - researching oils, farms, companies, practices, and more. I drug my feet, but eventually got my starter kit. I started diffusing oils at home, in the car, and at school. My second year of teaching was much healthier than my first!


From there, we made other changes over time, changing out our hand soap, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, laundry soap, supplements, make up... because when you know better, you do better. 

So here we are, almost 7 years later, using oils daily, ditched and switched pretty much every product that is brought into our home, and we are living the Young Living lifestyle. I like to joke that I only go to the store for groceries and clothing. But it's true! 

I've found not only great products, but also an amazing tribe and community in our umbrella team, YL Essential Families.

I started my business by accident, as many do. "Love it? Share it!" That's the motto. I don't remember sharing about my health food store oils, but "Facebook Memories" brings me back to the earliest days of sharing my Young Living oils right from the beginning. It's natural to share things that we love and recommendations for tried and true products and experiences. But in this business, instead of paying for advertising, we get paid to share the products we use and love best. My first sales were to friends in person and online that I had shared personal testimony with over the years.

I love sharing snippets of our real life and how we use these products. My favorites? Thieves Household Cleaner for all the things. Savvy Minerals Icon Lip Stick. Envision blend essential oil. Raindrop Technique. 


I also love teaching others how to incorporate Young Living into their lives. I teach and host in-person events in Northwest Ohio and nationwide to my team online.

So, I want to thank you for joining me in this space. I may not be teaching in a traditional classroom anymore, but I very much enjoy sharing what I know and do here. Take care + be well. 

xo. Lindsay

Lindsay Willman

Young Living Member #1740812


The Willman Family - Aaron, Lindsay, Ellie, Grant, Marlo & Jake

in Berthoud, Colorado.


Aaron did not try oils until I got a Deep Relief roller. The ease of application quickly won him over. He still favors the roll-ons and his USB Orb Diffuser for the car or the office.

Ellie is our oldest daughter and she loves the Kidscents Toothpaste and Charcoal Bar Soap. Jake was my first oily pregnancy and home birth. His favorite oil is Gentle Baby. Grant's love language is touch. He loves to be on the receiving end of a Raindrop. Marlo is our most enthusiastic oiler. She loves to put her favorite oil, Lavender, in her hair and on her body.

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